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1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime;
1 in 4 will die.

1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime;
1 in 5 will die.

The standard therapy for treating solid tumor cancers is chemotherapy / radiation therapy, and/or surgery. While these treatments can shrink tumors, in the majority of cases they do not cure the cancer. We believe that the key to curing cancer is the body's own immune system.
This website was designed to provide answers and information concerning new immune system boosting therapies, including the first-ever approved clinical trial in humans regarding an exciting CKA granulocyte study protocol for solid tumor cancers.  Our shared goal is to find a cure for cancer and bring that cure to the masses. We need your help to fund these groundbreaking clinical trials.

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CLINICAL TRIAL: White Cell Infusion Therapy

Cancer is made up of many different kinds of cells. We have cancer stem cells, but we also have cells which are differentiating when they are dividing. Chemotherapy/radiation therapy is designed to kill cells if they are dividing, but the cancer stem cells that are not dividing are not touched by these treatments. Tumors will shrink, so it will look as though the patient is making progress, but actually curing the patient of the cancer requires a different approach.

Author Steve Alten introduces a new cancer treatment

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