Frequently Asked Questions

If this really works, why isn’t it being tested by the NIH or major universities?

There has to be a first time for everything and our Institute and staff are excited to have the first US Clinical Trial under an FDA IND. The clinical trial is based on Dr. Cui's 1999 research study at Wake Forest University, involving cancer-immune mice and involves treating cancer patients with human white cells( granulocytes) found in certain healthy young adults. Our hope is to be able to prove that the protocol actually does work. Because of the limited amount of funds available and the large amount of grants requested from the NIH and other organizations, our institute has had to rely on funding from altruistic donors. By alerting the public about this study, we hope to raise enough money so cancer patients seeking to participate in this protocol do not have to wait until the study sponsor can acquire the necessary funds through the process of seeking funds from grant awarding bodies.

Are there any side effects?

With any type of transfusion there are always the possibilities of side effects, which can vary from a minor reaction such as an allergic reaction, which we can treat with hydrocortisone, or a rise in temperature. We actually prefer a rise in temperature because the granulocytes work much better in a higher temperature, fever being the body’s natural response to infection. As for major reactions, we can prevent these through proper donor screening but they can occur, which is why review them during the patient's informed consent phase.

What are the results so far of the clinical trial?

Rules governing clinical trials prevent us from reporting results prior to the completion of the study.

I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer. Am I eligible for the clinical trial?

If you would like to learn how to become a cancer patient participant in this clinical trial please visit:

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